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Friday, 13 May, 2022 UTC

How the JavaScript reduce and reduceRight Methods Work

reduce and reduceRight are two built-in JavaScript array methods that have a bit of a steep learning curve. But the very essence of these methods are as simple as the following arithmetic computations. Suppose we have an array of numbers: [1, 2, 3, 4] ... more

Friday, 13 May, 2022 UTC

Learn Neural Networks by Building a Self-Driving Car Sim Using JavaScript

"Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript." – Jeff Atwood It's time for you to create a self-driving car using JavaScript! We just published a course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel ... more

Thursday, 12 May, 2022 UTC

JavaScript Modules – Complete Guide to ES Modules and Module Bundlers

Modules and Module Bundlers are essential components of modern web development. But understanding how they work can quickly become overwhelming. This article will show you all you need to know about ES Modules and Module Bundlers in plain English. Table ... more

Tuesday, 10 May, 2022 UTC

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript for Beginners

Hi everyone! In this article we're going to review the main characteristics of object oriented programming (OOP) with practical JavaScript examples. We will talk about OOP main concepts, why and when it can be useful, and I'll give you plenty of examples ... more

Sunday, 8 May, 2022 UTC

How to Learn Python in 2022

With each passing year, the Python programming language becomes more and more popular. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2021 [https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2021#technology], Python was the 3rd most popular language, following ... more

Friday, 6 May, 2022 UTC

REST API Design Best Practices Handbook – How to Build a REST API with JavaScript, Node.js, and Express.js

I've created and consumed many API's over the past few years. During that time, I've come across good and bad practices and have experienced nasty situations when consuming and building API's. But there also have been great moments. There are helpful ... more

Friday, 6 May, 2022 UTC

Learn How to Manipulate CSS with JavaScript by Coding a Dynamic Picture Frame

DOM manipulation can simply be defined as manipulating HTML documents (or pages) with JavaScript. The DOM stands for Document Object Model that you can visualize as a tree-like structure made up of different HTML elements. Visualizing an HTML document ... more

Friday, 6 May, 2022 UTC

Learn React Router 6

React Router is a JavaScript library that helps developers create single-page applications that are responsive and have a dynamic user interface. It is a popular tool among React developers and is used to create routing and navigation for web applications. ... more

Friday, 6 May, 2022 UTC

How to Destructure an Array in JavaScript

Array destructuring is an efficient way to extract multiple values from data that’s stored in an array. In this tutorial we’ll learn about array destructuring. We'll go over examples to learn the ins and outs of how array destructuring works. I've also ... more

Friday, 6 May, 2022 UTC

Data Visualization with D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. We just published a full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that teaches how to implement various data visualization ... more

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 UTC

How to choose a JavaScript code editor

A deeper dive into the most important JavaScript Code Editors and which may be best for you. ... more