Tuesday, 16 March, 2021 UTC


Cloudflare Workers let you write JavaScript Service Workers that run directly in Cloudflare's 120+ edge locations around the world. With a Cloudflare Worker, you can modify your site's HTTP requests and responses, make parallel requests, and even reply directly from the edge. Cloudflare Workers are written against a similar API to the W3C Service Workers standard. However, while Service Workers run inside the end user's browser, Cloudflare Workers run on Cloudflare's servers. This means that Cloudflare Workers can implement trusted code (which the client cannot tamper with), and will work no matter what browser the user is running. In this course, Kristian Freeman will teach you how to build and deploy a Serverless API with Cloudflare Workers. By learning how to build your own serverless JSON APIs, you can effectively manage a highly-available backend for your projects, without needing to learn DevOps or manage services.