Wednesday, 8 May, 2024 UTC


In April this year, we released WebStorm 2024.1, our first major update for 2024. Thank you to everyone who is already using it and providing us with feedback. 
With April now behind us, we’d like to announce what we’ve got planned for the next release of WebStorm, which is scheduled for the end of July, with our usual disclaimer that these plans are subject to change
Also, as usual, we’ll be releasing EAP builds in the run-up to this release. We encourage you to try these builds and provide us with feedback on the features and report any issues you discover. You can have a significant impact on the product development at this stage.
Our primary focus with this release will be improving various aspects across performance, as well as the quality of support for the main technologies. Here are our most significant plans for WebStorm 2024.2:
  • Run .ts files – We’re developing a feature to enable the direct execution of .ts files in WebStorm. This feature will allow users to run .ts files without the need for a compilation step, catering to both individual files and small projects. (WEB-31667).
  • WebStorm@next TypeScript engine enabled by default – We’re continuing to work on delivering our TypeScript engine, and we intend to make it the default in this release. We also hope to make it stable for Vue and Angular. 
  • Debugging support for Bun – We’ll be adding debugging support for new technologies such as Bun through the Debug Adapter Protocol (WEB-63924).
  • Next.js support improvements – We’re adding support for the Next.js 13 app directory’s href prop of Link component, providing code completion, support for the Rename refactoring, and path resolution (WEB-60601).
  • Node.js test runner for TypeScript – We plan to add support for configuring and running node:test for TypeScript files the way you do for JavaScript ones (WEB-63423).
  • Nx support enhancements – We’re adding support for stylePreprocessorOptions, which will include features like Resolve, Rename, and Find Usages in WebStorm (WEB-56082).
  • More quick documentation improvements – We plan to build on the new improvements to our quick documentation in 2024.1. WebStorm will show classes as separate lines for fields (WEB-65252) and make both them and interfaces clickable (WEB-65407).
  • Auto-import improvements We’ll be improving the basic functionality of auto-imports for various subsystems, including Angular workspaces (WEB-35547), Angular HttpContext (WEB-64669), and JSDoc (WEB-60820 and WEB-65257).
  • Show component usage improvements We’ll continue to improve Show component usage, adding a shortcut for it (WEB-66135) and providing usage results in the template (WEB-65061).
  • Support for Angular reactive forms We’re improving support for Angular reactive forms, with plans to implement code completion and an option to generate code in the template (WEB-29262).
  • Svelte 5 support – We plan to include essential support for Svelte 5 in this release (WEB-63102).
That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the start of the 2024.2 Early Access Program!
The WebStorm team