Sunday, 25 August, 2019 UTC


React Tutorial: Components, Hooks, and Performance
In recent years, React has established itself as the most popular library in the JavaScript universe. However, rather than rest on its laurels, the React team is still working hard to make it better. In this tutorial, the second of a two-part React tutorial series, Toptal JavaScript Developer Kamil Jakubczak takes a closer look at some of its features, including hooks.
Storybook DocsPage
Storybook is the de facto standard UI component workshop. It powers frontend dev workflows at Airbnb, Lyft, Squarespace, Slack, & Dropbox, in addition to more than 25,000 public Github projects.
Reactime: A Time Travel Debugger for React
Reactime is a debugging tool for React developers. It records state whenever state is changed and allows user to jump to any previous recorded state.
Organizing HTTP requests using the API module pattern
Let’s say you’re writing a frontend for an online store. You would have to make requests to get the shopping cart, add items to the cart, get product details, search for a product, list all products, etc.
Improving your mental model of useEffect
Is useEffect the same as componentDidMount + componentDidUpdate? Not quite… This blog post aims to clarify how useEffect works, and how it's different from the lifeCycle hooks that you already know.
Getting started with React Hooks with step by step examples
Get started with React Hooks by building two apps - Simple temperature app & Drag-drop application and understanding the difference from React classes.
Work with giant, caged robots, and Node.js; Senior Developer, West London
Let’s start off talking about the robots. They live in cages, they travel at 60mph, and they’re controlled via AMQ messages from a NodeJS-based Warehouse Management System.