Saturday, 23 May, 2020 UTC


In a rush? Skip to the step-by-step tutorial or live demo I can hear it already, screams through my screen, coming from heated dev-focused threads all over the web: “Another JavaScript framework? Really?” But trust us, we wouldn’t be talking about it if we didn’t think it was innovative and potentially special. Time to meet RedwoodJS: a new Jamstack framework for full-stack web applications. Don’t worry; I’ll clear up these concepts to understand what Redwood is all about. I’ll then follow with a step-by-step tutorial and live demo to see it in action. Here’s what the tutorial covers: Creating a RedwoodJS app Generating the scaffolding for CRUD operations Deploying the Redwood project Securing the app with Netlify Identify & Redwood auth Securing a GraphQL endpoint Let’s get into it!

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