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Retool is the fast way to build internal tools
Retool is the fast way to build internal tools. Visually design apps that interface with any database or API. Switch to code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work. With Retool, you ship more apps and move your business forward—all in less time.
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React - The missing parts
In my case, I have a React-clone, Live, which includes all the familiar basics: props, state and hooks. The semantics are all the same. The premise is simple: after noticing that React is shaped like an incremental, resumable effect system, I wanted to see if I could use the same patterns for non-UI application code too.
Security of React Native libraries: The bad, the worse and the ugly
React Native is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to write native mobile applications using JavaScript. Supporting multiple platforms means dealing with each platform’s issue (React Native, iOS, Android). Not long ago, we described security challenges in React Native apps from an app architecture perspective.
React Fast Accordion
Dynamic, fast, accessible & zero dependency accordion for React.
Writing custom useful React hooks with TypeScript
Our primary goal is to write custom React hooks using TypeScript and test them to get 100% test coverage.
Top React frameworks every developer should know
In this post, I have listed some of the best React frameworks that are most popular and that I believe will be popular in 2022.