Sunday, 23 January, 2022 UTC


What Is Vite: The Guide to Modern and Super-Fast Project Tooling
Vite is a modern, blazing-fast tool for scaffolding and bundling projects—quickly becoming popular due to near-instant code compilation and rapid hot module replacement. In this article, you will learn what Vite is, how to scaffold a new project with it, and more.
this week's favorite
Mastering the art of forms in React
I recently published an article about re-rendering in React where I used a simplified form example to show how using state for the value of a text input causes the component to re-render on every change. I was surprised by the number of comments I received suggesting uncontrolled inputs went against the “React” way of creating inputs.
Remix vs Next.js
We think Remix has a better set of tradeoffs than Next.js. There is a lot of nuance in this conversation that's left un-captured in the shiny graphs and animations.
Why practicing DRY in tests is bad for you
This post is a bit different from the recent ones I’ve published. I’m going to share my point of view on practicing DRY in unit tests and why I think it is bad for you. Care to know why?
Good advice on JSX conditionals
Conditional rendering is a cornerstone of any templating language. React / JSX bravely chose not to have a dedicated conditional syntax, like ng-if="condition", relying on JS boolean operators instead.
How we migrated 541 components from Styled Components to Emotion
Refactoring CSS is one of the most challenging tasks as a frontend developer. You need to improve the code without altering the look and feel of the UI.