Sunday, 2 May, 2021 UTC


Should You Care About React Server Components?
This article will help you decide whether React Server Components is something you should check out immediately, or whether you should wait. You’ll look at what React Server Components are, the problems they solve, and wrap up with a conversation on whether you should care or not.
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21 best practices for a clean React project
React is very unopinionated about how things should be structured. This is exactly why it’s our responsibility to keep our projects clean and maintainable.
15 DevTool secrets for JavaScript developers
Web developers spend considerable time using browser DevTools but it’s easy to miss useful tools and techniques when dozens of updates are added every year. The following features are primarily for JavaScript coders using Chrome-based browsers but all developers will discover something useful.
How to build a table of contents in React
A table of contents lets your readers see a high-level summary of your page. In this tutorial, we’ll be building a table of contents with React. This component will dynamically render a list of page headings and highlight which heading you are currently viewing.
Upload a file with React
We could make it controlled or uncontrolled as any input with React. Will vary only on how we store the file in the React component.
A complete beginner's guide to useReducer hook
To begin with useReducer, first, we need to understand how JavaScript's built-in Array method called Reduce works, which shares remarkable similarity with the useReducer hook.