Sunday, 21 May, 2023 UTC


#407 – May 22, 2023
Patterns from Other Languages and Frameworks to Enhance Your Frontend Projects
Drawing from 12 years of programming across various languages, I'll share how I've applied principles from these to my frontend projects.
Adding Authentication to Your React App (sponsor)
Authentication is one of those things that always takes more effort than you want. Instead of adding static libraries (that you need to update and maintain), you can an auth provider that stays up-to-date automatically and comes with pre-built components. Check out how easy it is to add registration & log in with this React SDK from FusionAuth.
React Server Components, Next.js App Router and examples
A summary of the state of React Server Components, Next.js App Router, rendering, examples and other related links and thoughts.
Crafting a modern spotlight effect with React and CSS
How to create a modern spotlight effect with React and CSS?
Why does React have a Virtual DOM?
What is a Virtual DOM and how does it help React to prevent rendering performance issues.
React Canaries: Enabling Incremental Feature Rollout Outside Meta
We’d like to offer the React community an option to adopt individual new features as soon as their design is close to final, before they’re released in a stable version—similar to how Meta has long used bleeding-edge versions of React internally.
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