Thursday, 8 February, 2024 UTC


jQuery 4.0, now in a beta state, drops support for a number of older browsers and removes previously deprecated APIs. The new release also introduces support for Trusted Types.
With jQuery 4.0, support is dropped for Internet Explorer versions 10 and older, Edge Legacy, Firefox versions before release 65, and iOS versions before release 11. Plans call for removal of support for Internet Explorer 11 in jQuery 5.0. Also with jQuery 4.0, native behavior is no longer overridden. That means all browsers except Internet Explorer will follow the current World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specification.
APIs removed in jQuery 4.0 include 13 previously deprecated APIs, which either were meant to be internal or that now have native equivalents in all supported browsers. Also removed are the jQuery prototype Array methods push, sort, and splice, which also were always meant to be for internal use only. These methods have been switched to equivalent Array functions.
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