Thursday, 10 June, 2021 UTC


Writing good code is important — writing code that’s easily human readable is a next level skill. It’s not often that APIs are introduced whose seemingly only useful function is making code more readable, but let me introduce you to JavaScript numeric separators: an API that lets developers use underscores to make numbers more readable!
Consider the following number in your code:
// No commas for numbers in JavaScript
const oneHundredThousand = 100000;
Large numbers have always been difficult to mentally parse for engineers, so using underscores to make code more readable is a total win:
const oneMillion = 1_000_000; // 1000000
const decimals = 1_000_00.01_02_03 // 100000.010203
The only real rule with numeric separators is that the number cannot start or end with an underscore.
Numeric separators within JavaScript seem like spec creators gifting developers a feature. As an engineer, I’ll take all I can get. You never stop learning in the world of JavaScript!
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