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Keynotes for Node+JS Interactive Focus on Enterprise Adoption of JavaScript, the Future of IoT, Compassionate Coding and Tech Transformations at Scale

We renamed JS Interactive to Node+JS Interactive to better reflect that both the Node.js and JS Foundations are running the conference. Same conference, new name!
Keynotes, panels, workshops, and sessions focus on topics like an introduction to web components and Polymer, building websites for the invisible majority, server-side rendering with Docker, testing into a better user experience, and a new way to profile async activity in Node.js. Register by September 28 and save $200!
Sponsorship opportunities are still available too.

AgileFAQs Joins the JS Foundation to Support JavaScript Community Growth

We’re excited to announce the newest member to join the JS Foundation, AgileFAQs, a premium Agile Consulting company, which provides advanced training, coaching and mentoring on Agile and Lean Software Development.

Moving Money with Open Source JavaScript

Kris Borchers, Executive Director of the JS Foundation, spoke about moving money with open source JavaScript project, Interledger.js, which provides for secure payments across multiple assets on different ledgers.

Want to Help Build Medical Software for the Developing World? HospitalRun is Looking for Maintainers.

HospitalRun is free, easy-to-use software for developing world healthcare born out of the work of the project’s co-founders while at CURE International. Now, after 4.5 years of helping small medical facilities in developing countries access electronic medical systems, HospitalRun is looking for new technical maintainers. If you are looking to better your skills in JavaScript while working on something that directly impacts the health of people around the world, now is a great time to start.

Webhint: A Hinting Engine for the Web

Sonarwhal recently changed its name to webhint to communicate what the tool does in a more direct fashion. Same project, new name

Script and Style Ep.18 with Maggie Pint

Join David Walsh and Todd Gardner as they chat with Maggie Pint about her work on JavaScript Date, Moment.js, working with the TC39, and writing JavaScript for Microsoft.

Why is a Java Guy so Excited About Node.js and JavaScript?

Learn why someone who worked 10+ years in the Java SE team at Sun Microsystems is excited for the future of Node.js and JavaScript.

Revised Patterns for Participation in Standards Committees

After reading Allen Wirfs-Brock’s paper, Programming Language Standardization: Patterns for Participation, Jory Burson, member of Ecma International’s Executive Committee, shares some helpful tips to improve your standards-committee experience.

Real-World Testing for Web Apps Ep. 1

In this WebdriverIO Tutorial Miniseries, learn how to test a Hacker News Clone site that’s built in React.

Four Reasons Why it's (Especially) Hard to Build Mobile Apps

Writing good apps is hard. Writing good mobile apps is even harder. Why? Because mobile applications place special burdens on everyone who plays a role in software delivery – from developers to software testers to IT Ops.
Senior Open Web Engineer – Bocoup
Senior Software Engineer – BrowserStack
Front-end Software Development Engineer – IBM
FutureReady Technical Architect – Kenzan
Technical Operations Engineer – Ripple
Front End Software Engineer  – Samsung
Senior Full Stack Engineer – Sauce Labs
Software Engineer – SitePen
Software Engineer – Sourcegraph
Product Manager – StackPath


Washington, DC – Closes September 15, 2018


API Strategy & Practice Conference
Nashville, TN – September 24-26, 2018
Node+JS Interactive
Vancouver, BC – October 10-12, 2018
All Things Open
Raleigh, NC – October 21-23, 2018
NodeConf EU
Kilkenny, Ireland – November 4-7, 2018
ngGirls Workshop
London, UK – November 5, 2018
Web Summit
Lisbon, Portugal – November 5-8, 2018
London, UK – November 6-7, 2018

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