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Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Intent to Merge Update

As many of you know, after two years of having two separate Foundations, the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation boards recently met to discuss the benefits of merging into a single, combined organization. Currently, the boards are in what we call a “bootstrap” phase, where we are exploring all of the potential details that must be considered as part of a merger.

Building Your Own Internet of Things Using JavaScript

Imagine that you just arrived home on a late dark night. Rather than searching for the light switches on the wall, would you like to turn on the light by simply clapping your hands? The demo shown below pretty much does what we described here – control your lights via hand claps. This demo will walk you through how to build a simple end to end IoT system with JerryScript.

The Evergreen Web Application

You may have heard the phrase “use the platform”, and an evergreen web application is full embrace of the spirit of that phrase. It is intended to provide a foundation for creating web applications of any size that are modern, performant, and that most importantly are intuitive to the developers creating them, and a great experience for the users using them.

Graphql, gRPC, and End-to-End Type Coverage

StackPath recently launched a new customer portal to allow customers to configure all of their services (CDN,WAF, DNS, and Monitoring) in one place. The project involved combining many different data sources, some existing systems and some brand new. In the end, they chose to use Apollo GraphQL, gRPC, React, and TypeScript. In this blog, Thomas Ladd of StackPath covers why they chose these technologies and demonstrates using a simple example project.

This year in JavaScript: 2018 in review and npm’s predictions for 2019

The JS Foundation, npm, and the Node.js Foundation partnered up to survey over 16,000 developers to ask what they’re up to.

Appium 1.10 is finally here!

There are many awesome features in this release, including the general availability of the Espresso driver.

Introducing Llama Vision, a website that detects llamas through your camera

Learn how to detect llamas with Tensorflow.js, the machine learning library for JavaScript.

231: Nodejs Automation Frameworks with Casey Cantwell

Check out this Test Talk podcast with Casey Cantwell a Senior QA Architect about WebDriver.io Automation.

Internationalize your Web Applications with Globalize.js

In this talk from Node + JS Interactive, Alolita Sharma introduces the key features of Globalize.js including new capabilities, performance optimizations, and data distribution mechanisms that have been added recently.
You can also check out the full playlist of Node + JS Interactive sessions.
Junior JavaScript/Ruby Developer – Accenture
Senior Open Web Engineer – Bocoup
Senior Software Engineer – BrowserStack
Full Stack Engineer – IBM
Platform Engineer – Kenzan
Staff UI Software Engineer – Ripple
Product Manager, New Product Development  – Samsung
Front End Engineer – Sauce Labs
Software Engineer – SitePen
Software Engineer – Sourcegraph
Product Manager – StackPath


CityJSConf 2019
London, United Kingdom – Closes January 31, 2019
Online – Closes February 1, 2019
ForwardJS Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada – Closes April 9, 2019


Atlanta, GA – January 9-12, 2019
San Francisco, CA – January 16, 2019
Smashing Conference
San Francisco, CA – April 16-17, 2019
San Francisco, CA – January 24, 2019
JS Kongress
Munich, Germany – March 11-12, 2019

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