Monday, 20 May, 2019 UTC


About a month ago I started working on a remote jobs platform, for Romania titled One or two weeks into the project, I launched an initial version to collect feedback from people.
After a couple of feedback rounds and amazing people giving very useful advice, I officially launched it "to the public" on the 24th of April.
All along I was looking to rent an office space so I could restart my videos and my podcast, and I made a promise that the first video I would publish would be about "the numbers" the platform got since I launched it.
In the video I briefly go over the numbers, talk about future plans and about an interesting project I'm going to start somewhere in the beginning of June.
In brief:
  • 4243 unique visitors
  • 5597 sessions (1.32 sessions/user)
  • 1.14 minutes spent on average, on site, by each user
  • 315 subscribers to the newsletter
  • 7 jobs posted
Below is a link to the article I published on April 24th, when I officially launched
Enjoy & stay tuned!
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