Sunday, 9 June, 2024 UTC


How to Create a Modal in React with HTML Dialog
23 minutes by Colby Fayock
Modals aren’t anything new, but gone are the days that we need to install bloated libraries to one to our app. Instead, let’s see how we can drop in a new modal to a React app using the HTML Dialog element.
Implement policy-driven RBAC and ABAC in React
sponsored by Cerbos
Fine-grained access controls are challenging. We put together a guide on using Cerbos to implement a scalable and maintainable authorization framework, featuring examples and best practices. If you're looking to simplify your authorization processes while maintaining high security standards, you will find this piece helpful.
Interactive dropdown menus with Radix UI
9 minutes by Joshua Wootonn
Dropdown menus are great until you have interactive content. This guide combines dialogs and dropdown menus for a simple interactive dropdown flow.
Sneaky React Memory Leaks II: Closures Vs. React Query
6 minutes by Kevin Schiener
How to spot and fix memory leaks in React Query caused by closure scopes.
Best Practices in React: A Guide for Developers
2 minutes by Jamil Hallal
Before diving into complex patterns and optimizations, ensure you have a solid understanding of React's basic concepts. This includes JSX, components, state, props, and the component lifecycle. A strong foundation will make it easier to understand more advanced best practices.
The Benefits of Using RTK Query
4 minutes by Oren Farchi
This powerful library, built on top of Redux Toolkit, provides a robust and efficient solution for managing asynchronous data fetching and caching. In this article, we’ll explore the code you provided and highlight the key benefits of using RTK Query.
And today we’ll wrap up with a bonus link on JavaScript promises:
  • Promises From The Ground Up
  • Leadership in Tech
  • Programming Digest
  • C# Digest

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