Friday, 16 October, 2020 UTC


JavaScript is full of tricks that you don’t know you want until you … want … them. Or maybe just until you see them. One trick I recently realized was conditionally adding attributes to React elements. Of course this trick essentially boils down to conditionally adding properties to an Object, but let’s not dive too far into specificities — let’s jump into the code.
To conditionally add properties to an object, we’ll use a conditional and destructuring:
const someObj = { prop3: 'Arsenal!' };
const obj = {
  prop1: "value1",
  prop2: "value2",
  ...(someObj ?? {})
And to conditionally add these properties to a React component, you could do:
  ...(someObj ?? {})
In many cases, it doesn’t matter if you have extra keys (and their values) on your objects, but if you run a tight ship with dictionary objects or use Object.keys, you’ll want to use this technique.
Have any other Object tricks? Please share them!
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