Sunday, 20 August, 2023 UTC


#420 – August 21, 2023
Fantastic closures and how to find them in React
Deep dive into closures in JavaScript and React: how they appear, why we need them, what stale closures are, and how to prevent and fix them in React.
Build better software with DevCycle’s real-time feature flags (sponsor)
DevCycle’s feature flag management platform makes it easy to create, rollout, and clean up feature flags without disrupting your workflow. DevCycle is designed for React apps providing real-time updates to components as flags update. DevCycle also includes edge storage for user data to enable feature consistency across platforms. Ship faster alongside the tools you already love. Get started for free today.
React Suspense in three different architectures
React Suspense has had a strange journey: for years it was little used and was seen as having little benefit, just a fancy way to render a loading state. With the recent release of React 18, however, Suspense provides a whole new set of benefits which deserve a second look. Let's take a look at the three most common rendering architectures today and how React Suspense can play a role.
Building a Two-Way Data Binding Hook for Form Inputs in React
Two-way form input binding is a popular feature offered by JavaScript frameworks like Vue and Svelte. I took a minute to explore what the React version of it might look like. I don't hate the result.
A11y-Driven Development
Discover A11y-Driven Development, emphasizing accessibility from the onset. Learn how componentization and static testing pave the way for inclusive apps with cleaner code, boosting both developer and user experiences.
The simplest example to understand Server Actions in Next.js
Server Actions are a new feature in Next.js. The first time I heard about them, they didn’t seem very intuitive to me. Now that I’m a bit more used to them, let me contribute to making them easier to understand.
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