Monday, 6 November, 2023 UTC


The Deno runtime for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly has been updated with new HTML capabilities. The latest updates enhance documentation and client-side navigation in both Deno and the Fresh web framework.
Unveiled November 2, Deno 1.38 offers “significant” improvements to the deno doc command, highlighted by an ability to produce documentation using a new deno doc --html feature. When selected, deno doc produces a static site with documentation. Deno 1.38 also features a capability for hot module replacement; an –-unstable-hmr flag detects changes and reloads the server while preserving state. The latest version of Deno also has Node.js compatibility improvements, making it easier to use Deno when migrating from Node. This release also allows developers to use the NPM package manager of their choice from Deno. Developers can install NPM modules with npm and run them with Deno. The NPM feature is currently unstable.
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