Thursday, 11 October, 2018 UTC


SAN FRANCISCO – October 10, 2018 – We’re excited to announce the newest member to join the JS Foundation, Coil, a community of content creators and contributors where contributors pay a monthly subscription and while they surf the web, Coil will pay out to the creators in real time.
Coil utilizes Web Monetization, an open source browser API that uses ILP (Interledger Protocol) micropayments to monetize a site. By enabling Web Monetization, website creators can securely receive donations while also providing rewards to any contributing users, creating a self-sustaining economy. The JavaScript reference implementation of the Interledger protocol, Interledger.js, is one of the JS Foundation’s projects.
“We are grateful to the JS Foundation for their efforts to keep the JavaScript ecosystem both open and secure. The Foundation brings together a diverse community to support core platform technologies long-term. At Coil, our mission is to create a better business model for the web and to do that we rely heavily on JS Foundation supported projects such as Interledger.js, Webpack, ESLint, and WebdriverIO.”  – Stefan Thomas, Coil Founder & President
With the addition of Coil as our newest member, we continue to build support throughout our project ecosystem and evolve the model for sustainable open source JavaScript from a single project focus to an encompassing, umbrella effort across the many projects driving innovation in this space. Keep an eye out for more great content and announcements from our newest member.
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