Tuesday, 24 January, 2023 UTC


ChatGPT clone using OpenAI API
This clone is made with React and Node and uses OpenAI API.
  • get your api key from https://openai.com/api/
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Make sure you have installed all of the following prerequisites on your development machine:
  • Git – Download & Install Git. OSX and Linux machines typically have this already installed.
  • Node.js – Download & Install Node.js and the npm package manager. If you encounter any problems, you can also use this GitHub Gist to install Node.js.
Environment variables setup example
MONGO_URI = mongodb://
Cloning The GitHub Repository
The recommended way to get ChatGPT clone is to use git to directly clone the repository:
$ git clone https://github.com/nisabmohd/ChatGPT.git
Running Your Application
open terminal/bash in this repo and enter below commands to start the application
→ To start the server
$ node server
→ To start the client app
$ cd client
$ npm run dev
  • Your client application should run on port 3000 with the development environment configuration, so in your browser just go to http://localhost:5173
  • Your server application should run on port 8000, so in your browser just go to http://localhost:8000