Wednesday, 7 February, 2018 UTC


Feb 7, 00:30 UTC
Resolved - Publications are working again.
Feb 7, 00:16 UTC
Monitoring - We believe publication is now working as expected.
Feb 7, 00:02 UTC
Update - We have pushed a fix for package publications that appear to succeed but don't result in an updated package.
Feb 6, 23:53 UTC
Update - The 415 error rate has dropped, revealing another bug in publication introduced in the same code push. The team is continuing to mitigate.
Feb 6, 23:45 UTC
Update - Packages over a certain size are being blocked from publication, causing the 415 errors some package publishers are seeing. We have identified where this unintended limit is being enforced, and are rolling out a fix now.
Feb 6, 23:39 UTC
Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.