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Tuesday, 24 December, 2019 UTC

Java Design Pattern: Builder Pattern

Today we are going to talk about a creational pattern that in many situations can represent a useful alternative to the construction of the objects using the constructors: the Builder Pattern.The need to introduce alternative mechanisms to those provided ... more

Tuesday, 24 December, 2019 UTC

Is It Risky to Share Data While Surfing Online?

The internet is a fantastic place to learn, engage, and connect with people across the globe. From browsing social media to performing critical work tasks, the internet has become a regular, important part of our everyday lives. The average person spends ... more

Tuesday, 24 December, 2019 UTC

Java Sorting Algorithm: Selection Sort

Today we are going to analyze a sorting algorithm that is not very efficient but often used in various fields. We are talking abou the Selection Sort.Let's have a look.IntuitionThe idea behind it is to divide the array to sort into two sub-arrays: the ... more

Tuesday, 24 December, 2019 UTC

Java Algoritmi di Ordinamento: Selection Sort

Andiamo oggi ad analizzare in dettaglio un algoritmo di ordinamento non molto efficiente ma piuttosto utilizzato in diversi ambiti. Stiamo parlando del Selection Sort.Vediamo meglio in dettaglio.IntuizioneL'idea alla base è quella di suddividere l'array ... more

Tuesday, 24 December, 2019 UTC

Integración de Bootstrap 4 con Vue.js usando Bootstrap-Vue

React y Vue.js son dos marcos de trabajo líderes y modernos de JavaScript para el desarrollo del front-end. Mientras que React tiene una curva de aprendizaje considerable, y un proceso de construcción complejo (si usted viene del mundo de jQuery), todo ... more

Monday, 16 December, 2019 UTC

How to Choose a Laptop for Web Design and Development

Efficiency is important at work, no matter the type of job you do. The better the tools that you use, the more productive you are. So if you’re a web designer, you want a laptop that will be able to handle all your software with ease. However, how do ... more

Monday, 16 December, 2019 UTC

What Are The Best Methods to Make Money Online

More and more individuals are moving from a regular job they have to work on the internet. This trend continues to grow at quite a rapid speed, and since we depend on the internet a lot these days, it is natural that there is so much money to be made ... more

Sunday, 15 December, 2019 UTC

Java Sorting Algorithm: Bubble Sort

Programming, the need to order the collections of data or objects that must then be manipulated often arises. Ordering a list can be useful in cases where you have to do very quick searches. We will see later on how to maintain an ordered list is useful ... more

Saturday, 14 December, 2019 UTC

Java Sorting Algorithms: Merge Sort

Today we are going to analyze one of the most used sorting algorithms: the Merge Sort. It is part of the Divide and Conquer family, just like the Quick Sort. Merge Sort offers a better performance despite of the Quick Sort since its complexity remains ... more

Saturday, 14 December, 2019 UTC

Java Sorting Algorithms: Quick Sort

Welcome back to this overview about the Java world! Today, we are going to talk about a renowned sorting algorithm: the Quick Sort.The Quick Sort is not very suitable for educational purposes because its implementation may not be trivial, but at the performance ... more

Friday, 13 December, 2019 UTC

Java algoritmi di ordinamento: Merge Sort

Andiamo oggi ad analizzare uno tra i migliori algoritmi di ordinamento: il Merge Sort. Detto anche algoritmo per fusione, fa parte della famiglia dei Divide and Conquer proprio come il Quick Sort. A differenza del prima citato Quick Sort, il Merge Sort ... more

Friday, 13 December, 2019 UTC

How to Generate Static Sites with JavaScript Static Sites Generators

Static websites and so-called JAMstack have become pretty popular recently. And with 2020 on the horizon, this trend doesn't seem to be stopping. Why? Why is old-school HTML + CSS + JS trio in its redesigned and renamed form gaining so much attention? ... more

Thursday, 12 December, 2019 UTC

Java algoritmi di ordinamento: Quick Sort

Bentornati in questa nostra panoramica sul mondo Java! Oggi andremo a parlare di un algoritmo di ordinamento tra i più celebri. Il Quick Sort.A differenza del precedentemente trattato Bubble Sort, Quick Sort non si presta particolarmente a fini didattici ... more

Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 UTC

Future of Artificial Intelligence for Startups

With how far-reaching the scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, it is bound to make an enormous impact in the lives of people — the realm of startups is no exception. Whether you’re looking to improve your omnichannel marketing or you want to make ... more

Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 UTC

20 atajos de teclado esenciales de Windows

Un solo atajo de teclado nos hace ahorrar unos segundos. Esto puede no parecer mucho, pero si sumamos todos esos momentos ahorrados durante una semana o un mes, estamos ganando una gran cantidad de tiempo.Por eso es importante conocer tantos atajos como ... more

Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 UTC

Uso de plantillas en la gestión de proyectos

Cada proyecto es diferente, pero muchos siguen los mismos pasos básicos.En lugar de perder tiempo recreando proyectos similares desde cero, los equipos de alto rendimiento ahorran tiempo utilizando plantillas.¿Preparado para aprender más?¿Que es una plantilla ... more

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 UTC

Vue.js: a quick start guide for beginners. Part 1.

Learning a new framework can be a very complicated process for any developer, especially for someone that is still learning the basics of JavaScript. For this reason, we decided to create this series, which will make Vue.js learning as easy and digestible ... more

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 UTC

Flexbox, breve guida pratica

In questo articolo impareremo a gestire gli elementi del nostro sito web in modo più efficiente ed efficace, grazie alla proprietà Flexbox.Ma attenzione, non stiamo parlando di una semplice proprietà css, ma di un insieme di esse, che ci permetterà di ... more

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 UTC

Come ridurre il consumo di memoria in Chrome

Google ha iniziato a testare una nuova funzione chiamata "Tab Freeze" che mira a ridurre il consumo di memoria in Chrome. Ed è interessante, perché il browser ormai consuma parecchie risorse.Google Chrome nonostante domini il mercato dei browser ... more

Monday, 9 December, 2019 UTC

5 popular Dark Web sites

People tend to confuse the terms Deep Web and Dark Web, and while they are related, they are not exactly the same. The Deep Web is essentially the entire Internet that's out of reach of traditional search engines, and it can encompass everyday things ... more

Sunday, 8 December, 2019 UTC

The best Internet search engines used by hackers

Today, many users wonder what tools hackers use to look for different vulnerabilities on devices that are connected to the Internet. Normally, everyone uses specific tools, but there are search engines that are specifically designed for security researchers.Although ... more

Sunday, 8 December, 2019 UTC

20 funciones ocultas de Chrome que te harán la vida más fácil

El navegador Chrome de Google tiene un montón de pequeños trucos ocultos que quizá no conozcas. Aquí tienes 20 consejos que te ayudarán a ser un mejor usuario de Chrome.Los navegadores nos ofrecen una ventana al mundo mágico de Internet, y hacen mucho ... more

Sunday, 8 December, 2019 UTC

Come convertire una tabella di un file PDF in Excel

Sicuramente, almeno na volta nella vita, avrete avuto a che fare con un file PDF con delle tabelle all'interno. Tabelle, che avreste voluto convertire ad Excel senza dover trascrivere manualmente i dati investendo un'enorme quantità di ore nel processo.Ci ... more

Sunday, 8 December, 2019 UTC

Layouts with Bootstrap 4: how to create a responsive web 2

Here we are with the second part of the guide: Layouts With Bootstrap 4 Horizontal alignment To align the columns horizontally we can use justify-content-value classes, which use the justify-content property of the flexible model:justify-content-start, ... more

Friday, 6 December, 2019 UTC

How to Pique Customer Interest

If your target audience aren’t interested in your brand, your marketing campaigns, or the service that you provide, why would they feel compelled to bring you their business? If you’re to attract a steady stream of new customers, you’re going to have ... more

Friday, 6 December, 2019 UTC

How to Build Your eCommerce's Email List Using Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite social media channel among eCommerce business owners because of its high engagement rate.But when it comes to getting the highest return on your investment, that recognition belongs to email marketing.Now, imagine ... more

Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 UTC

La funzione spazio privato dei telefoni Huawei

Un punto positivo dei livelli di personalizzazione di Android è che generalmente includono molte funzioni avanzate come lo Spazio Privato.Lo Spazio Privato EMUI è una sorta di area privata separata, nella quale è possibile utilizzare applicazioni con ... more

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 UTC

Facebook ti paga per partecipare ai sondaggi

Facebook ha lanciato una nuova app per ricerche di mercato chiamata Facebook Viewpoints che permette agli utenti di ottenere ricompense economiche come compenso per la partecipazione a sondaggi, funzionalità, ricerche e test di nuovi prodotti, al fine ... more

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 UTC

How to setup Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with ISPConfig 3

Let’s Encrypt is an initiative to provide a better way of enabling encryption on websites. It is open, automated and above all: it offers free SSL certificates. Obtaining SSL certificates was always a bit of a hassle and now thanks to Let’s Encrypt and ... more

Monday, 2 December, 2019 UTC

Open source alternatives to Slack

Here are some full-featured Slack alternatives that are open-source software, which means you can download it and run it on whatever server you want. That implies that you’re in charge of security, for better or worse, instead of, say, Slack.FriendsThis ... more