Thursday, 3 December, 2020 UTC


Join us live on React Wednesdays to learn about state machines, how you can use them in your application development and why they're important to know about.
If you’re like me, the phrase “State Machine” sounds like a term on a computer science test you didn’t study for.
Good news though—we managed to convince the one and only David Khourshid (@DavidKPiano) to tell us what state machines are, and why they’re important. And we’re doing it all live on React Wednesdays.
Tell Me Why David Is Awesome
David knows a little something about state machines as he is the creator of XState, a project that helps you build state machines and statecharts for the modern web. (And a project that has 13,000+ stars on GitHub.)
In addition to crushing it at state machines, David is also responsible for the single most impressive CSS demo I’ve ever seen.
See the Pen Alex the CSS Husky by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.
Tell Me Why React Wednesdays Is Awesome
React Wednesdays is a weekly stream we run with experts from across the React world.
We stream on Twitch, which is a great platform for interacting with speakers. Join us to ask questions, or just to hang out on an otherwise boring Wednesday.
Tell Me How to Join
David is joining us tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2nd at 1:00 PM US Eastern time. You can view the stream from the React Wednesdays site, or on Twitch.
Join us, and let’s figure out what state machines are together