Sunday, 27 January, 2019 UTC


How well do you know programming languages? Take the survey & test your skills!
Will JavaScript still be the go-to programming language for web and cloud developers in 2019? Let us know what you think! Join 20,000+ devs around the world who are taking our survey & leave your mark! You may win USD $12,000 worth of prizes or $1,000 in cash for referring other developers to take the survey. Open to developers only, until February 3rd. Hurry up - take the survey!
DIY Redux with RxJS: Part 3 - HOC and JS decorators example
This is the part 3 and in this part I focused on HOC and JS Decorators.
Shards Dashboard React
Shards Dashboard is a free and modern React admin dashboard template pack that's bundled with 7 ready to use pages.
Introducing rbx: React, Bulma, 
rbx is a new UI framework for React built on top of the Bulma CSS flexbox framework. It’s massively powerful, unassumingly light (<10kb), and endlessly extensible. The gold standard for a UI Framework is one provides not too little and not too much. I think rbx nails that. 
Functional Programming Fundamentals
In the past few years, React and Redux have generated a surge of Functional Programming which we often take for granted. However many of us never got a chance to learn the fundamentals.
Why Would Webpack Stop Re-compiling? (The Quest for Micro-Apps)
Eventbrite is on a quest to convert our “monolith” React application, with 30+ entry points, into individual “micro-apps” that can be developed and deployed individually. We’re documenting this process in a series of posts entitled The Quest for Micro-Apps. You can read the full Introduction to our journey as well as Part 1 – Single App Mode outlining our first steps in improving our development environment.