Friday, 15 January, 2021 UTC


Jump to video version of this post. 🎥 Hey, I’m Franck. 👋 I run a developer-first e-commerce solution, and I try my best to grow a healthy bootstrapped company. It’s called Snipcart, and we’re based in beautiful Québec. Our product is part of the Jamstack ecosystem. If you don’t know what that is, no worries. There’s a cool intro here. In a nutshell, “Jamstack” is a modern, frontend-centric way to develop sites and apps. It focuses on decoupling backend from frontend, lowering maintenance and hosting costs, pushing static assets through CDNs, edge computing, and using JavaScript and APIs for everything dynamic. Big players include Netlify, Vercel, Contentful, and many others. Some indie companies I look up to in the space are DatoCMS, Fathom analytics and Statamic. I’m seeing lots of VC-funded businesses shining, but I’d love to see more bootstrappers alongside us. In this piece, I’ll show how independent players can build, compete, and grow in the Jamstack ecosystem. I’ll include real-life examples from the Snipcart team and other cool products.

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