Tuesday, 9 May, 2023 UTC


Next.js 13.4, the latest version of Vercel’s web development framework, stabilizes the App Router, which builds on React Server Components and React Suspense to bring a number of improvements to server-side rendering.
The Next.js update, which was announced on May 4, also features a beta of the new Turbopack bundler and an alpha of Server Actions, a new feature for mutating and revalidating data on the server and managing form state. 
But highlighting Next.js 13.4 is a production version of App Router, which serves as an evolution of the existing file system-based router in the Pages Router. With App Router, content can be streamed from the server, improving the perceived loading performance of a page. Also, App Router now has built-in SEO support with a metadata API, for customizing a page for searching on the web, compatible with streaming.
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