Monday, 20 May, 2019 UTC


The OpenJS Foundation is looking for an Executive Director, the CFP for this year’s Node+JS Interactive is open and AWS Lambda has added support for Node.js v10.
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What’s New in the Node.js Project
  • Could you be the OpenJS Foundation's Executive Director? The merger of the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation has opened up a new leadership role. You can apply here.
  • If you are interested in the projects of the OpenJS Foundation, check this out!.
  • Now Open! Call For Papers for Node+JS Interactive The CFP will be open until Friday, June 14.
  • In case you missed it: New Features Bring Native Add-ons Close To Being On Par With JS Modules.
  • There is an issue in the Community Committee for a Node.js Thank you program and there is some discussion on giving out gift certificates for contributors of the Node.js store.
Awesome Articles, Links, and Resources
  • Announcing Module Risk and Security for AWS Lambda - by Mike Nedelko
  • GitHub Package Registry: Pros and Cons for the Node.js Ecosystem GitHub recently launched its own npm-supporting Package Registry; in this blog post, you can find some pros and cons of the registry and the expected impact in the Node.js ecosystem by -Liz Parody
  • It’s here! AWS Lambda adds support for Node.js v10 Node.js is used by many serverless platforms and AWS Lambda now supports the latest LTS version of Node. This is how you can upgrade your Node.js version
  • What's New in Node.js 12: Private Class Fields Private class fields are a Stage 2 TC39 proposal. Even though they're still experimental, you can use private class fields in Node.js 12 without flags or transpilers.
  • What's New in V8 Release v7.5 , the latest release includes improvements in implicit caching, bulk memory operations, numeric separators in JavaScript, and script streaming directly from the network.
  • What’s new in ECMAScript Modules in Node v12 - by Christian Nwamba
  • 12 tips for writing clean and scalable JavaScript - by Lukas Gisder-Dubé
One Last Thing...
If you find any awesome Node.js or JavaScript news over the next week (or beyond!), never hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share and get it included in Need to Node - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!