Friday, 26 June, 2020 UTC


`_.omitBy` and its sibling `_.pickBy` are popular utilities which apply filter-like functionality to objects. Both of them accept a function to determine if a given entry in the object should be included in the output object. This lesson will demonstrate an approach to build both of these utilities from a single function using the combo of `Object.entries` and `Object.fromEntries`. `Object.entries` converts an object into an array of key, value pairs. We couple that with the native Array filter method, to create a generate `filter()` method that works on objects. Once we've filtered our object we use `Object.fromEntries` to convert the array back into an object. This works great for both `omitBy` and `pickBy`. **Note** `Object.fromEntries` is part of the ES2019 spec and may need [a polyfill]( to work depending on your environment. --- - [MDN Guide: Object.entries]( - [MDN Guide: Object.fromEntries](