Wednesday, 25 January, 2023 UTC


Shopease is an e-commerce online website for the best products of all categories for the consumer. User can buy products at best deals and offers.This is a collaborative project of 4 members– Chandra Shekhar Joshi (Team Lead)- Vikram Navik- Kirpa Shankar Pandey- Harsha Vardhan
🌐See Live
Project Screenshots:
🛠️ Installation Steps:
1. Clone the repo
git clone
2. Install NPM packages
npm install
3. View on browser at localhost:3000
npm start
💻 Tech Stack
Technologies used in the project:
  • React Js
  • Redux
  • Chakra Ui
  • JavaScript
Special Thanks 😊
Thanks Masai School for giving us this opportunity to show and deploy our skills to explore ideas and learn new things about project-making
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