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  • Implementing a Simple Neural Network in Elixir
  • Code Spelunking in a Neural Network Library
Over at Adobe, Nick Babich wrote up A Comprehensive Overview of UX Design Deliverables. He covers what kind of things a UX designer does daily, and there are some great things you can integrate into your development process from this. It’s a master work on initial project discovery. On the Lyft blog Della Anjeh covers How to Write Awesome Tech Specs which is a natural extension of the discovery process. While these articles aren’t strictly code, internalizing some of the concepts and putting those tools in your kit can greatly increase your dev productivity and yes, salary!
Kaggle ended up with more than 16,000 responses to their Data Science and Machine Learning survey. Some highlights: more often Statisticians are using R instead of Python even though Python is more commonly used overall; average salary of respondents was 55k; 41.8% of respondents have a masters degree. Take a look at all of the insights and data the survey collected.
Take a look at Jonathan Turner’s fun facts about Rust’s growing popularity! Turner highlights the growing Rust scene and highlights Rust Podcasts, Rust conferences, and the Rust Reddit. Read all of the fun facts to learn more about the current Rust scene. Oh yeah, and 100+ organizations are using Rust in production. NBD.
Stackoverflow details the most disliked programming languages based on what developers preference of languages not to work with. Ends up Perl is the most disliked programming language, followed by delphi and vba. Stackoverflow also charted the most disliked tags, which ‘internet-explorer’ was the most disliked tag, followed by ‘visual-basic’ and ‘cobol’.
Ofir Press wrote a great post walking through Neural Language Modeling From Scratch. Language models are **a fundamental part of many systems that attempt to solve natural language processing tasks** such as machine translation and speech recognition. If you’re interested in learning about the theory behind language models, you won’t be disappointed.
Slack writes of their growing pains migrating Slack’s desktop app to BrowserView. They dig into how they interact between various processes - interestingly, they have a Master Store that’s their primary source of truth and individual processes are eventually consistent. Their big takeaways: Redux + redux-electron: Means we don’t have to think about where reducers live or where actions are dispatched. Rx + redux-observable: Turns our store into an interprocess event bus with functional superpowers. TypeScript: Helps us refactor code quickly and correctly.
Development Dregs
  • Apache Kafka Goes 1.0 - this means everyone’s streams are stable now, right?
  • Why TDD Isn’t Crap - tdd is a great way to structure thinking and problem solving, even if you delete the tests at the end that alone means it isn’t crap
  • Performance Improvements in Ruby 2.5
  • My approach to using z-index - if z-index annoys you, then try this type of approach. It really works!
  • Solidarity - The CLI for Developer Sanity - I wonder if the author misses the point of containers, one being you can match your deployment
  • Angular 5 was released - If you need to update follow Angular’s guide for updating.
  • Stargazer: understanding the π-calculus, visually
  • 4 ways to dispatch actions with Redux
  • React Call Return — What and Why
  • When do I know I’m ready for Redux? - just use it ok?
  • A Minimalist Guide to SQLite
  • Why would anyone choose Docker over fat binaries?
  • The meaning of AMP - still think AMP needs to die in fire
  • Elixir web development 101: collaborative todolist with realtime updates - and if you’re interested in learning Elixir, we have a free introduction to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix.
  • Data Classes for Java
  • Linux containers in 500 lines of code - A lengthy article in literate-programming style explaining how to wire together the linux kernel’s container mechanisms.
  • Does C++ need a universal package manager? - This is a violation of Betteridge’s Law.
  • Splitting Strings - a deep dive into why #split works the way it does in Python, Ruby, and Perl.
  • Code Reuse In Actual Practice - surprisingly great post on a gamedev forum.
  • Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web - Huge article; great points. Random takeaway: The actual article (text and three images, version B) makes up less than 6% of the total size of the page on This means that 94% of the data transferred between you and has nothing to do with the article.
  • Growing a Code Review Culture - A well-written, actionable article that can make your team better today.
  • My VM is lighter (and safer) than your container - lightweight VMs that can boot in around 4ms. Great for serverless architectures and a lot of other things
  • Becoming a Contributor - great post on becoming a contributor to a project
  • East5th - Grokking the Y Combinator with Elixir - an implementation of the y-combinator in elixir, built out incrementally. really cool!
  • Understanding why and how to add idempotent requests to your APIs - various options for handling idempotent API requests in ruby, but useful as brain-fodder regardless of the language you prefer
  • Make Your Pseudocode Your Real Code - really great article on writing readable code
  • - this is an amazing thread
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  • Babel & ES6
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