Wednesday, 22 November, 2017 UTC


Hey there Scotchers. We'll be doing a free webinar coming up on one of our favorite JS libraries, Vue. Make sure to sign up and add it to your calendar to join in on the fun.
This is a good crash course for those of you that have heard about Vue but have yet to check it out.
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About the Webinar
Vue.js is taking the JavaScript world by storm. Currently sitting at #6 on GitHub's most starred repos, Vue is the progressive JS framework that is tons of fun to work with.
We'll see how to get started with Vue for developers coming from vanilla JavaScript or jQuery backgrounds. Learn why you should invest into a JS framework like Vue.
We'll learn Vue basics and build a simple Vue app!
Discussion Topics
We'll be talking on:
  • Learning why Vue is awesome
  • How to move from jQuery to Vue
  • Why you would want to use Vue
  • Build a simple Vue app
Your Teacher
Scotch Founder, Chris Sevilleja (that's me!) (@chrisoncode) will be handling the webinar/workshop duties.