Wednesday, 19 April, 2017 UTC


The couple days ago I wrote two articles related with server side rendering of React on Total.js (Node.js Framework). I received a lot of questions about benefits this solution.
Server Side Rendering Angular2 on Total.js server
Asynchronous React Component and Server Side Rendering React on Total.js server
When I was about to write another article on this subject, I saw a great post about this subject. Article describe the Benefits of Server Side Rendering Over Client Side Rendering in Walmart company. This is a great article that I highly recommend. Practice make perfect:
“..Most of our pages on are using server side rendering (henceforth SSR) with only a few unique exceptions. We are using server side rendering for two reasons:
Performance benefit for our customers
Consistent SEO performance
Due to the benefits of SSR, when we transformed our stack to React and Nodejs, we put a lot of time and effort in optimizing SSR performance. One of our key metrics for measuring performance is “above the fold” render. Our Electrode framework that we open sourced has multiple modules to improve the performance of SSR and I blogged previously about the benefit of those modules…”
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