Friday, 15 September, 2017 UTC


This is a small bug fix release wrapping up most of the issues introduced with 5.4.0.


  • 0b28ac72d #18458 Fix a bug on Windows where rolling back of failed optional dependencies would fail. (@marcins)
  • 3a1b29991 [email protected] Revert update of write-file-atomic. There were changes made to it that were resulting in EACCES errors for many users. (@iarna)
  • cd8687e12 Fix a bug where if npm decided it needed to move a module during an upgrade it would strip out much of the package.json. This would result in broken trees after package updates.
  • 5bd0244ee #18385 Fix npm outdated when run on non-registry dependencies. (@joshclow) (@iarna)


  • 339f17b1e Report unsupported node versions with greater granularity. (@iarna)


  • b2ab6f43b #18397 Document that the default loglevel with [email protected] is notice. (@KenanY)
  • e5aedcd82 #18372 In npm-config documentation, note that env vars use _ in place of -. (@jakubholynet)