Wednesday, 15 May, 2019 UTC


Tree Grid, Grouping, Context Menus

The latest version of Smart HTML Elements brings important new features to our Smart Grid Web Component. It is now possible to display data hierarchies in the web component. The Grid allows you to display data as a combination of Tree and Grid. The Tree Grid mode has full support for data sorting, data filtering and data editing. The Grouping features allows you to group data by columns. The context menu feature allows you to quickly add a context menu functionality to the Grid.

Tree Grid
Tree Grid mode allows you to display hierarchical data in the Grid and make the component work like a hybrid between Tree and Grid.

Tree Grid

Virtual Tree Grid
In Virtual Mode, new rows are loaded on demand when you expand a row. This process repeats until the "leaf" property of the row is set to true.

Virtual Tree Grid

Virtual Tree Grid Pagination
With Pagination enabled, Root rows are loaded on demand when the current page is changed. Sub Rows are loaded when a treegrid row is expanded.

Virtual Tree Grid Pagination

Grid Grouping
Grouping enables you to group the component by one or multiple columns. The grouping styling is customizable through CSS Variables.


Grouping Styling

Grid Context Menu

Context Menu
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