Monday, 7 August, 2017 UTC


SuperAdmin is a combination of two powerful tools: nginx and total.js framework, additional with amazing possibilities. SuperAdmin is one of the the best ever web application process management and monitoring tool for web applications, REST services and websites written in Total.js and another frameworks. SuperAdmin is a great alternative to PM2 process management. All data are stored on your servers with nice user interface and low HW requirements. This tool has a much more a lot of possibilities not described in this post.
But the most interesting thing is possibility to use SuperAdmin for another projects/applications created on another frameworks. For me, superAdmin it is great alternative for  Docker, Azure, Heroku. Deployment process is minimalized to minimum and takes from 10 seconds to few minutes. The next benefit is using one platform for different frameworks on my local or company servers 
In this article I present different projects writing in 6 different frameworks: hapi.js, express, koa, feathers, sails, keystone. Please pay attantion that we are talking about different frameworks and base on different architectures (eg. hapi.js and total.js are not basing on express.js architecture)
To deploy projects from another frameworks to SuperAdmin platform we have to do a few basic steps.
1. Apply +process.argv[2] to get number of port assigned by superadmin and nginx
const port = +process.argv[2] || 3030;
2. You have to use `total` word has to be in the process title – this is key to find in ID process our application
process.title = ‘total: feathers.js’;
3. In main directory of Your project, run command tpm create app.package (where app you can replace by another string) to create deployment package. Command tpm is part of total.js framework, that’s why I suggest install total.js on global path
4. Create in SuperAdmin Application and link to destination url address. Very important: You have to enter the main application script – index.js or app.js
5. Deploy Your application package to Super Admin using from the right side of popup window ‘Browse device’ – You will see widow to select and upload Your package
As samples I used ready projects attached to every presented framework and come from github. Please pay attention on changes in source codes mentioned in this post. You can see running projects on superadmin on domain
  • 1 . Feathers – project SlackerYou comes from

    You can see running project on superadmin  on
    2. hapi.js – sample comes from
    You can see running project on superadmin  on
    3. keystone.js – project from
    You can see running project on superadmin  on
    4.koa.js – Blog project comes from
    You can see running project on superadmin  on
    5. sails.js – project generated by sails tools
    You can see running project on superadmin  on
    6. express.js – project generated by express-generator

    You can see running project on superadmin  on

    Additional on SuperAdmin You can monitoring log of applications like below: