Thursday, 6 December, 2018 UTC


Adam and Jerod talk with Dominic Tarr, creator of event-stream, the IO library that made recent news as the latest malicious package in the npm registry. event-stream was turned malware, designed to target a very specific development environment and harvest account details and private keys from Bitcoin accounts.
They talk through Dominic’s backstory as a prolific contributor to open source, his stance on this package, his work in open source, the sequence of events around the hack, how we can and should handle maintainer-ship of open source infrastructure over the full life-cycle of the code’s usefulness, and what some best practices are for moving forward from this kind of attack.
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  • Dominic Tarr – Twitter, GitHub, Website
  • Adam Stacoviak – Twitter, GitHub, Website
  • Jerod Santo – Twitter, GitHub, Website
Notes and Links
  • The issue that kicked off everything
  • We covered the incident on Changelog News
  • Here’s Dominic’s statement that we reference repeatedly
  • Felix Krause had some on-point commentary on Twitter
  • TideLift says event-stream gets 2 million downloads per week
  • SwiftOnSecurity also chimed in on Twitter
  • Learn more about Project Xanadu
  • We discussed Reproducible Builds with Chris Lamb back in the day
  • Also check out A call for kindness in open source with Brett Cannon
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