Wednesday, 15 February, 2017 UTC


TestCafe v0.13.0 Released
IDE plugins, fixture hooks, speed setting for actions, a couple of API enhancements and lots of bug fixes.
IDE Plugins #
With this release, we have prepared test runner plugins for VSCode and SublimeText. These plugins allow you to
  • Run a particular test, fixture, all tests in a file or directory via the context menu or built-in commands,
  • Automatically detect browsers installed on the local machine,
  • Repeat last test run,
  • Debug tests,
  • View test results in the Debug Console panel.
Enhancements #

⚙ Fixture hooks (#903) #

You can now specify fixture hooks that will be executed before the first test in a fixture is started and after the last test is finished.
fixture `My fixture` .page `` .before( async ctx => { /* fixture initialization code */ }) .after( async ctx => { /* fixture finalization code */ }); 
Unlike test hooks, fixture hooks are executed between test runs and do not have access to the tested page. Use them to perform server-side operations like preparing the server that hosts the tested app.

Sharing variables between fixture hooks and test code #

Use the ctx parameter passed to fixture.before and fixture.after methods (fixture context) to share values and objects with test code. You can assign to ctx parameter's properties or add new properties.
In test code, use the t.fixtureCtx property to access the fixture context.
fixture `Fixture1` .before(async ctx => { ctx.someProp = 123; }) .after(async ctx => { console.log(ctx.newProp); // > abc }); test('Test1', async t => { console.log(t.fixtureCtx.someProp); // > 123 }); test('Test2', async t => { t.fixtureCtx.newProp = 'abc'; }); 

⚙ Speed option for test actions (#865) #

You can now specify speed for individual test actions using the speed option.
import { Selector } from 'testcafe'; const nameInput = Selector('#developer-name'); fixture `My Fixture` .page `` test('My Test', async t => { await t .typeText(nameInput, 'Peter') .typeText(nameInput, ' Parker', { speed: 0.1 }); }); 
If speed is also specified for the whole test, the action speed setting overrides test speed.

⚙ Setting test speed from test code (#865) #

You can now specify test speed from code using the t.setTestSpeed method.
import { Selector } from 'testcafe'; fixture `Test Speed` .page ``; const nameInput = Selector('#developer-name'); test(`Test Speed`, async t => { await t .typeText(nameInput, 'Peter') .setTestSpeed(0.1) .typeText(nameInput, ' Parker'); }); 

⚙ Using test controller outside of test code (#1166) #

You may sometimes need to call test API from outside of test code. For instance, your page model can contain methods that perform common operations used in many tests, like authentication.
import { Selector } from 'testcafe'; export default class Page { constructor () { this.loginInput = Selector('#login'); this.passwordInput = Selector('#password'); this.signInButton = Selector('#sign-in-button'); } async login (t) { await t .typeText(this.loginInput, 'MyLogin') .typeText(this.passwordInput, 'Pa$$word') .click(this.signInButton); } } 
In this instance, you need to access the test controller from the page model's login method.
TestCafe allows you to avoid passing the test controller to the method explicitly. Instead, you can simply import t to the page model file.
import { Selector, t } from 'testcafe'; export default class Page { constructor () { this.loginInput = Selector('#login'); this.passwordInput = Selector('#password'); this.signInButton = Selector('#sign-in-button'); } async login () { await t .typeText(this.loginInput, 'MyLogin') .typeText(this.passwordInput, 'Pa$$word') .click(this.signInButton); } } 
TestCafe will implicitly resolve test context and provide the right test controller.

⚙ Inserting text with one keystroke with t.typeText action (by @ericyd) (#1230) #

The new paste option allows you to insert a portion of text with one keystroke, similar to the paste operation.
import { Selector } from 'testcafe'; fixture `My fixture` .page ``; const nameInput = Selector('#developer-name'); test(`My test`, async t => { await t .typeText(nameInput, 'Peter') .typeText(nameInput, ' Parker', { paste: true }); }); 

⚙ prevSibling and nextSibling selector's DOM search methods (#1218) #

The new prevSibling and nextSibling methods allow you to search among sibling elements that reside before and after the selector's matching elements in the DOM tree.
Selector('li .active').prevSibling(2); Selector('li').nextSibling('.checked'); 

⚙ Deprecated functionality removed (#1167) #

The following deprecated members have been removed from the API.
  • method - use Selector instead:
const id = await'.someClass').id; // can be replaced with const id = await Selector('.someClass').id; 
  • selectorOptions.index - use selector.nth() instead.
  • selectorOptions.text - use selector.withText() instead.
  • selectorOptions.dependencies - use filtering and hierarchical methods to build combined selectors instead.
Bug Fixes #
  • Fixed a bug where tests failed with a script error (#1188)
  • Text can now be typed to an input field with type "email" in Firefox (#1187)
  • npm install no longer displays warnings (#769)
  • Dev Tools can now be opened with a keyboard shortcut or right click on macOS (#1193)
  • A warning no longer appears when using ClientFunction with dependencies (#1168)
  • Tests can now run against React Storybook (#1147)
  • Script error is no longer thrown in iOS webviews (Firefox, Chrome of iOS) (#1189)
  • XhrSandbox.createNativeXHR now works correctly (testcafe-hammerhead/#1042)
  • Window.prototype is no longer used for NativeMethods initialization (testcafe-hammerhead/#1040)
  • Functions from the 'vm' module are now overridden on the client (testcafe-hammerhead/#1029)
  • Input type is now changed while setting the selection range in Firefox (testcafe-hammerhead/#1025)
  • An iframe with the about:blank src can now send postMessage (testcafe-hammerhead/#1026)
  • The formaction attribute is now overridden correctly after it is appended in DOM (testcafe-hammerhead/#1021)
  • Fixed a bug where the Authorization Header was wrongly removed (testcafe-hammerhead/#1016)
  • The file:// protocol is now supported (testcafe-hammerhead/#908)