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“..  So you’re a React developer and you’ve decided to try out Vue.js. Welcome to the party!
React and Vue are kind of like Coke and Pepsi, so much of what you can do in React you can also do in Vue. There are some important conceptual differences though, some of which reflect Angular’s influence on Vue.
I’ll focus on the differences in this article so you’re ready to jump into Vue and be productive straight away.
Note: this article was originally posted here on the Vue.js Developers blog on 2017/05/28

How much difference is there between React and Vue?

React and Vue have more similarities than differences:
  • Both are JavaScript libraries for creating UIs
  • Both are fast and lightweight
  • Both have a component-based architecture
  • Both use a virtual DOM
  • Both can be dropped into a single HTML file or be a module in a more sophisticated Webpack setup
  • Both have separate, but commonly used, router and state management libraries
The big differences are that Vue typically uses an HTML template file where as React is fully JavaScript. Vue also has mutable state and an automatic system for re-rendering called “reactivity”.
We’ll break it all down below… ” Read more
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