Saturday, 14 April, 2018 UTC


There is no shortage of videos out there where you can watch people code with an educational vibe. A golden age, one might say. Here are a few that I've watched and really enjoyed lately:
  • @keyframers - "An animated, collaborative coding live stream by @davidkpiano & @shshaw." They've got 2 epsidoes out now, each of which they start with an animated interface GIF and then collaboratively re-build it.
  • The Coding Train - Daniel Shiffman's show is a force of nature on it's own, featuring challenges, introductions, and guest tutorials. Speaking of guest tutorials, CodePen recently sponsored an episode featuring Catt Small and game development with Phaser.js.
  • Creative Coding with CSS. You have to sign up for Skillshare to watch it, but Jake Albaugh loves getting crazy with CSS and it's fun to watch.
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