Friday, 29 September, 2017 UTC


After update to IOS 11, if Your commands:
#ionic cordova run ios -lc --target="iPhone-7"
cordova run ios --target="iPhone-7"
give error

No available runtimes could be found for "iPhone 7". [ERROR] An error occurred while running cordova run ios --target iPhone-7 (exit code 1).
cordova run ios --list 
returns empty list of simulators, that means that you are using still old version of ios-sim npm package.
Solution is to use latest version package ios-sim (this is valid for 22.09.2017). Next week should be release a official version. In this situation you need to use “latest” version by running command
cd platforms/ios/cordova && npm install [email protected]
Another solution is to upgrade the whole ios platform to a proper latest version 4.5.0:
cordova platform add [email protected]
Very important: First solution works always