Monday, 7 May, 2018 UTC


Dynatrace news
Dynatrace is proud to announce the general availability of support for Solaris SPARC and X86 for Java and Apache HTTP Server.
These two modules have been available within a public beta release during the last six months. They’ve already been tested at numerous customer locations.
What’s included
  • Service monitoring, code-level insights, and real user monitoring for WebSphere and Java with full framework support
  • A full set of JMX metrics and the ability to add new custom JMX plugins
  • Service monitoring and real user monitoring for Apache HTTP Server and Java
  • Basic process- and host-level monitoring metrics
For complete instructions on setting up Dynatrace to monitor your Solaris-based applications, see How do I install OneAgent on Solaris?
View host-level metrics
Once you’ve installed Dynatrace OneAgent and restarted your applications, you’ll see your Solaris-based hosts listed on the Hosts page. Select a host to view the host overview. As you can see in the example below, the Solaris version is listed in the Properties section, and all the standard host CPU and memory metrics are displayed.
Solaris network and disk space metrics are also available.
View process-level metrics
Drilling down from the host level to the process level, you gain even more insight. In the example below, you can see all the metadata and performance metrics of a running WebSphere server. These metrics include all typical process and Java metrics.
All the most important Java metrics, JMX metrics, and custom JMX plugin metrics are included.
Access service-level metrics
All WebSphere applications that you deploy are monitored down to the request level as services.
All standard Dynatrace service and performance-analysis metrics are available down to the database and code level.
Apache HTTP Server support
We also support Apache HTTP Server on Solaris. This includes our full range of existing support for Apache HTTP Server.
And, of course, Dynatrace tracks all requests on Apache HTTP Server.
For details on all the technologies and versions that Dynatrace supports, see supported technologies.
Note: Solaris support requires Dynatrace OneAgent v1.141 or higher.
Real user monitoring – Auto-injection on Solaris
Auto-injection of the real user monitoring JavaScript tag is fully supported for Apache and Java application servers that use the servlet stack (see supported technologies). As with Windows and Linux, Solaris customers receive real user monitoring data immediately following installation of OneAgent and restart of all monitored processes.
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