Wednesday, 26 July, 2017 UTC


The #npm channel on is being devoiced. That means: if you’re not a moderator in the channel, you won’t be able to post there. Instead, you’ll be redirected to this message.
As an official communication channel, IRC is difficult for us to adequately moderate and maintain. A welcoming and compassionate npm community is important to us, and as a small team, moderating IRC effectively has proven very difficult. Since #npm is probably always going to be seen as an “official” npm venue, we cannot in good conscience continue to let it fall into disrepair.
Here are some much better places to seek help, guidance, and support, which are actively moderated and maintained, either by us or by others.
  • [email protected] is the best place to report service issues and seek support. If you’re in doubt, we’re here to help.
  • Our GitHub issues are the best place to report bugs and request features. There’s a place for npm CLI issues, for the npm website, and for the npm registry.
  • You can hit us up on Twitter at @npm_support with questions, at @npm_hiring for recruitment updates, at @npmstatus for operational status updates, or at @npmjs with puns and wombat pictures.
  • is a Discord chat server with channels dedicated to discussions of package management in general, as well as npm issues specifically.
  • WeAllJS is an open-invite Slack for all people in the JavaScript community. It has a very active npm channel.
  • StackOverflow has a very active community of JavaScript and npm users asking and answering questions.
  • /r/npm on Reddit is a place where people share cool modules they’ve written and ask questions about various things.
  • If you’re really committed to using good old fashioned IRC, the #Node.js channel on is a good place to go for general purpose Node.js or JavaScript chat. And if you create an unofficial #npm channel, we won’t stop you, but we also can’t commit to helping you moderate it.