Thursday, 11 January, 2018 UTC


Node Weekly
January 11, 2018 #220
Geoff Wagstaff
Running a Node App on Amazon ECS: The EC2 Container Service Mega-Walkthrough
If you’re using Amazon Web Services, ECS can be attractive way to run apps - this article digs into why and some of the things to watch out for when using it to run Node apps. Part 2.

The npm Blog
New npm Package Naming Rules
To prevent typosquatting and user confusion, npm Inc. has tweaked its package naming rules. For example, names are no longer punctuation sensitive.

Gergely Nemeth
How to Become a Better Node.js Developer in 2018
A few straightforward best practices which could help you be a better Node developer in the coming year.

Frontend Masters Sponsor
📣 New Course: Advanced State in React with Redux, MobX & More
Learn the patterns to manage state across large React applications. Take a tour through the popular approaches and libraries to state management like Flux, Redux, MobX, Redux Thunks and Redux Sagas in this new course by Steve Kinney.

Node.js Foundation
Node v9.4 (Current) Released
No huge upgrades, but npm upgraded, several improvements to the http2 module, buffer’s readDouble and readFloat are 2-8x faster..

Vincent Mühler
Simple Face Recognition from Node
face-recognition.js is a Node wrapper for dlib, a C++ machine learning library that can be manipulated to do facial recognition.

Oliver Moran
Jimp: Image Processing Library with No Native Dependencies
Covers resizing, cropping, color manipulations, and more. Pure JS and solely for Node.

The npm Blog
An npm Operational Incident on January 6
106 packages appeared to be missing for a brief period of time which broke packages that depended on them.

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In Brief
  • If You're Still Using Node 4, It's Seriously Time to Upgrade news
    James M Snell on Twitter
  • The Impact of Meltdown and Spectre on Node.js news
    Essentially no issues, if you cover yourself at the OS level.
    Node.js Foundation
  • Node by Numbers 2017: A Report on Node's Growth news
    Show yet more impressive, continued growth for Node.
  • Building a Serverless REST API with Node.js and MongoDB tutorial
    Adnan Rahić
  • How to Convert a RESTful Node API to Serverless with OpenWhisk tutorial
    Nic Raboy
  • User Authentication with Passport and Koa tutorial
    Michael Herman
  • Generated Columns and ProxySQL Instead of Referenced Tables tutorial
    Percona Sponsor
  • How I Ported 'bcrypt' to The New N-API tutorial
    Nicola Del Gobbo
  • A Deep Dive into the 'fs' Module tutorial
    fs is a key part of Node for interacting with the filesystem.
    Safia Abdalla
  • Exploring Node.js with Mark Hinkle, the Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation podcast
    The New Stack
  • 8 Tips to Build Better Node Apps in 2018 opinion
    Brief tips including being familiar with ES modules and HTTP/2.
    Bertalan Miklos
  • Do CI/CD in the Cloud, Keep Your Code On-Premise with Codeship & Github Enterprise tools
    Codeship + GitHub Enterprise Sponsor
  • basic-ftp: An FTP/FTPS Client for Node code
    Patrick Juchli
  • Sapper: A New Next.js-Style Webapp Framework from Svelte code
    Rich Harris