Saturday, 2 December, 2017 UTC


The new projects made use of Trinket to create and share web pages online. Trinket allows several advantages over accepting a text editor offline. As well as alert a live preview of their code, children can save and share their web pages online and can mixed web pages shared by others. This can also be getting without a login, via uniquely generated Trinket URLs. Let’s see programmers.
Build a Robot: In this project, children will enroll in CSS positioning by constructing their own robot from different components.
For example, the following CSS would situation the robot’s eyes by setting it’s width, as well as it’s position from the top and the left of the browser window:
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Pixel Art: In this project, children create a pixel art editor. They will be brought into JavaScript, and how it can be used to change the colour of each pixel. They will also learn how to use HTML tables to create a grid of pixels.
Linked Rooms: Children learn how to use image hyperlinks to move between web pages by spawn a separate page for each room, using doors to move between rooms. Each room can also be approached using its own CSS.
rooms-hall-finished rooms-games-finished
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