Friday, 27 July, 2018 UTC


Suz, Safia, and Kball get together to talk about accessibility; what does it mean, why should we care, and what tools and resources can we use to better educate ourselves, and improve our work.
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  • Kevin Ball – Twitter, GitHub, Website
Notes and Links
  • Easy Accessibility Testing with aXe
  • aXe Future Tools
  • a11y | Join us on Slack!
  • tota11y – an accessibility visualization toolkit
  • GitHub - reactjs/react-a11y: Identifies accessibility issues in your React.js elements
  • Ember A11y · GitHub
  • Lighthouse | Tools for Web Developers | Google Developers
  • Introducing the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools › Marco’s Accessibility Blog
  • Firefox 61 – Quantum of Solstice – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
  • How to make videos accessible | Adelphi Digital Consulting Group
  • Writing Automated Tests for Accessibility
  • The A11Y Project
  • A11ycasts with Rob Dodson - YouTube
  • Accessibility Wins, curated by Marcy Sutton