Friday, 6 July, 2018 UTC


Jerod, Nick, and KBall shake off their July 4th malaise by diving deep in to ES6 Proxies, wondering how best to share components across projects, and giving their younger selves advice. Also: shout outs!
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Notes and Links
  • Brendan Eich's 2010 talk: Proxies are Awesome!
  • ES6 in Action: How To Use Proxies
  • Proxy object on MDN
  • Bit Share and build with code components
  • Bit demo video
  • Ping us with show ideas and feedback
  • Nick's shout outs: nvim-typescript, pettier, CodeSandbox
  • Kevin's shout outs: Tracy Lee, Jen Looper, ramda
  • Jerod's shout outs: Postico, Tmuxinator