Friday, 12 May, 2017 UTC


BrowserStack and Sourcegraph Support Shared JavaScript R&D, Help Developers & Enterprises Innovate Faster
SAN FRANCISCO – May 12, 2017 – JS Foundation, the Linux Foundation project dedicated to accelerating time to market and enabling long-term sustainability of key JavaScript solutions, announced today BrowserStack and Sourcegraph have joined to support the Foundation’s mission.
“Organizations of all sizes are turning to JavaScript as their technology of choice to solve their most important full stack challenges,” said Kris Borchers, Executive Director, JS Foundation. “I would like to welcome and thank these newest members for their commitment to supporting the advancement of open source JavaScript and their ongoing efforts within the community.”
Through its comprehensive support and governance programs, the JS Foundation ensures stability while encouraging continued advancement of key JS technologies such as lodash, Moment, jQuery, webpack, Mocha, ESLint and many more that collectively power nearly every modern application.
Affirming that point, Quinn Slack, CEO and co-founder of Sourcegraph said, “We love the JS Foundation because its projects let JavaScript devs spend their time creating applications, not reinventing the wheel. The time we’ve saved not having to build our own bundler, thanks to webpack, or relative date formatting, thanks to Moment, means we can focus on making Sourcegraph a better way for developers to search and navigate code.”
The JS Foundation’s efforts in standards bodies and advancing JavaScript as a language are also important. “JavaScript has been essential to the growth and evolution of the modern Internet,” said Ritesh Arora, Co-founder of BrowserStack. “We are honored to do our part and support the JS Foundation to help them continue to achieve great success.”
For a full list of members and information on how to join, visit:

About the newest members:

BrowserStack is the industry-leading mobile and web testing platform. Our vision is to be the testing infrastructure for the Internet. We are proud to currently serve 36,000 customers worldwide, including: Twitter, Microsoft, AirBnB, Mastercard, RBS, and more. We are excited to continue to eliminate the pain of manual and automated testing so that our users can focus on building better products and services. We believe that testing can and should be a delightful, seamless part of the development process.
Sourcegraph is a code search and navigation engine that lets developers build better software faster. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and is backed by top-tier investors including Redpoint Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Goldcrest Capital. Learn more about the first global code graph at
About the JS Foundation
By creating a center of gravity for the open source JavaScript ecosystem, the JS Foundation’s mission is to drive broad adoption and ongoing development of key JavaScript solutions and related technologies. The JS Foundation also facilitates collaboration within the JavaScript development community to ensure those projects maintain the quality and diverse contribution bases that provide for long-term sustainability. To learn more, visit:
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