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  • We can execute above script via node or yarn cli, This script will take file as input and create in dist(distribution) folder.
  • To execute script use below command in command-line: – – Now your build is ready.
  • To do execute below command in command-line: – – To build production ready file for bundle use parameter with webpack.
  • It’s not much readable and that’s why webpack has feature to provide confiuration using configuration file.
  • By default, it reads file to read those configuration and those configurations are exported using syntax of node.js – – To verify your code, use below command in command-line: – – Now you have idea regarding how we can do basic bundling of web-applications.
@node_developer: Getting started with Webpack and ES6 with Angular 1.6.x and Bootstrap – [Part 1]
First of all you need to install Node 6.x.x in machine and Yarn Package manager. If not install you can download Node 6.x.x – LTS from this link. For install Yarn, you can go this link and just follow mentioned steps. To make sure both are installed in your machine try below commands:
As websites are evolving into web applications are relying more and more on JavaScipt. This results in larger amounts of code on the client side. Utilising a module system should enhance not only the development but also the user experience.
If our code is not organized we cannot debug the code and find the fixes. One of the best ways to handle the organisation of JavaScript it to break your code small pieces — we call it module and this small modules are also very easy to test.
When it comes to module systems there are very few popular systems which you may have heard of either used like Browserify or RequireJS. Both of these are extremely helpful and do a great job but webpack does some extra cool job.!
To start with webpack first of all you need to create project we call it , To create project use below steps:
Now is installed for your project.
Open file and it looks like below.
Getting started with Webpack and ES6 with Angular 1.6.x and Bootstrap