Thursday, 19 January, 2017 UTC


We recently hosted an Electron hackathon at GitHub HQ for members of Hackbright Academy, a coding school for women founded in San Francisco. To help attendees get a head start on their projects, our own Kevin Sawicki created a few sample Electron applications.

If you're new to Electron development or haven't yet tried it out, these sample applications are a great place to start. They are small, easy to read, and the code is heavily commented to explain how everything works.
To get started, clone this repository:
git clone
To run any of the apps below, change into the app's directory, install dependencies, then start:
cd activity-monitor
npm install
npm start
Activity Monitor
Shows a doughnut chart of the CPU system, user, and idle activity time.
Shows the hash values of entered text using different algorithms.
Plays a video of the computer's camera at a maximized size like looking into a mirror. Includes an optional rainbow filter effect that uses CSS animations.
Shows the current price of oil, gold, and silver using the Yahoo Finance API.
Loads a URL passed on the command line in a window.
Other Resources
We hope these apps help you get started using Electron. Here are a handful other resources for learning more:
  • electron-quick-start: A minimal Electron application boilerplate.
  • Electron API Demos: An interactive app that demonstrates the core features of the Electron API
  • All of the Electron documentation together on a single searchable page.
  • hokein/electron-sample-apps: Another collection of sample applications for Electron, compiled by Electron maintainer Haojian Wu.
  • awesome-electron - A GitHub repository that collects the latest and greatest Electron-related tutorials, books, videos, etc.