Sunday, 12 August, 2018 UTC


In a rush? Skip to technical tutorial or live demo. We've spent a lot of time lately blogging about frontend JavaScript frameworks. Vue.js, React, Angular... we <3 these. I thought I'd shake things up for my first post on the blog, and explore the server-side of JS. Okay, it's not THAT distressing of a ride. This State of Node.js article from a few months ago was a good introduction, but today I'm going to focus on Node.js for e-commerce. I'll first expose what Node can bring to your online store and the ecosystem's e-commerce tools. Then I'll craft my own demo shop using the neat Node.js framework that is Koa.js. Steps: Initializing the Koa.js app directory. Creating the app's entry point. Reading products data. Setting up Koa.js routes. Enabling e-commerce capabilities on your Node.js app Ready for this?

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